Preventive school program

Preventive and educational program for school and kindergarten

As part of the National Dental Hygiene Month, we give lectures and demonstrations for children about proper teeth cleaning and hygiene habits.

Prevention and care of children is particularly important!!! It is necessary to realize that children build hygiene habits since the early childhood. These habits give them the basis for healthy teeth in adulthood. The teeth are growing from the age of six (or even earlier) and are supposed to last the whole life. It is a huge mistake when the parents come to the dentist for the first time only when their children’s teeth start to hurt. In most of the cases this is also reflected in the cooperation with the child. We give children a particular attention towards the prevention, and also use the high-end materials for fluoridation. After the remediation, this procedure is for the children repeated twice a year and it is covered by public health insurance.