Aesthetic dentistry

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It is well known that people with ugly teeth or gum disease tend to hide their smile.

Our goal is to allow our patients to smile and profit from their smile!


    A healthy and attractive smile can change a one’s life and increase own self-confidence. We change the smile simply and effectively using composite (these are made directly in the clinic in the patient’s mouth), ceramic or zirconia veneers (produced indirectly based on dental impression). The procedure is:

    • painless
    • if possible, without drilling or injections

    system has the advantage of using extra thin veneers, thus many cases there is no (or minimal) need to reduce the teeth.

    If you are not satisfied with the aesthetics of your smile, contact us or book to an independent analysis of your smile. This is based on study models and photos of your teeth. The analysis is independent and cots 20€, once done we will recommend you the optimal solution for your situation. You can then decide what to do next, based on the actual visual result.


    Aesthetic dentistry allows you to:

    • permanently change the color of the teeth
    • repair cracked or short teeth
    • correct some orthodontic deviations
    • reduce non-aesthetic teeth gaps
    • adjust old inadequate bridges and crowns