Dental hygiene

PerfectDent | Kosice

We are a dental clinic that is focused on periodontology with an emphasis on dental hygiene.


  • Our clinic is located at the KVP polyclinic  2nd floor on the right, room number 047.
  • We recommend the dental hygiene, based on the condition, at least 1 to 2 times a year to prevent optimal oral health.
    (Good hygiene means that the teeth do not decay, the gums are not swollen, the teeth are overall clearer and healthier.)


Dental hygiene consists of:

  1. Motivation, instruction and guidance – explanation of the disease development and prevention of the new damage, training of tooth cleaning by appropriate tools, guidance on oral hygiene, nutrition, fluoridation.
  2. Polishing, removing food residues, bacteria and their products from the tooth surface, thus preventing the tooth and gum diseases.
  3. Removal of tartar deposits – tartar is removed using an ultrasonic device and manual cleaning with curettes. Tartar is the cause of periodontal diseases- suspension apparatus (bleeding gums, swollen gums, bone destruction, mouth odor…).
  4. Teeth sandblasting Air Flow – smooths the tooth surface and eliminates discoloration, thus slows down the growth of the dental plague and restores natural color of the teeth.
  5. Flouridation – after dental hygiene, a layer of fluoride is applied on the teeth, thus increasing the resistance of the teeth.

The whole procedure takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour and the price is 40€.

The dental hygienist also cooperates with a dentist specialized in periodontology.

We are also focus on the treatment of periodontal diseases such as teeth swinging, spacing, receding and swollen gums. If necessary, to regenerate tissues we also use a laser..

We provide free consultation to our (and new) patients.